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Waste Disposal Comparison Page.

Budget Junk have compiled a comprehensive comparison guide as to the advantages and disadvantages of skip hire versus licensed waste collection services.

We have tried to be as objective as possible and have included links to ensure all information is current, accurate and user friendly, helping you to make a well informed decision when choosing the best waste management option for you and/or your project.

Skip Hire  


  • Skip hire can be useful when you have accumulating waste over a period of time, i.e refurbishment waste.
  • If you need to put a skip on a road you will need to apply and pay extra for a skip permit, from your local authority.
  • Skip hire companies apply a maximum weight charge to the size of the skip provided. This means that you pay for that weight regardless if you do not reach it. Likewise if the weight is greater you may also incur extra fees.
  • Skips sitting on the side of the road or on your property can attract unwanted attention from vandals. A skip may also attract trespassers especially where there is metal present in the load.
  • Skip hire ensures that you have to lift, carry and load all the waste yourself or pay your tradesmen to do it while they could be doing the job at hand instead. This can be particularly labour intensive where the skip is a distance from the site or area of rubbish.
  • Skip companies often will not accept fridges or freezers in the load as they are considered hazardous.
  • Skips can be more useful when it comes to very heavy waste only, such as hardcore, rubble, soil etc because they can carry more weight in one trip and do not need to travel between site to site as many times.
  • A minimum sized skip is still too big for the amount of waste you have but the council refuse to take it within your normal waste collection remit.
  • Most skip companies rely on the disposal sites to recycle or reuse (if at all) any items from your load. This means that the driver has no input as to the most useful or beneficial way to divert your waste from landfill. Any items that are in good condition can be damaged by other items in the skip or by items being thrown into the skip during loading.



Budget Junk 


  • Budget Junk waste collection service loads and removes waste that has been piled up and we can return as and when you are ready for us to collect.
  • With Budget Junk there is no need for permits, or the extra cost and we do not take up any space on the road for longer than it takes us to load. This is particularly useful where parking or access is limited.
  • We provide an exact quotation for the amount of waste you have so that you only pay for what you have. We provide a completely obligation free quote before we start, and there are no hidden charges added later.
  • All of your waste is removed straight away, removing the risk of tresspassers and vandals. Our service is comprehesively insured for public liability and our staff CRB checked.
  • Our two man teams do all the lifting, carrying and loading for you and because it is what we do all day, everyday, we are fast, thorough and methodical. We are in and out no hassle, no mess, no labour intensity for you.
  • The Budget Junk service not only accept fridges and freezers, we also apply only a minimal charge and lift, carry and load them for you (and sweep up the area they came from)
  • When removing very heavy waste only, a skip is sometimes more cost effective because they can carry more weight in one trip. However you should make sure that you are being provided the right size for your waste (remember the maximum weight charge) and will not be charged for being overweight at a later date. At Budget Junk we will always inform you, if we think skip hire would be more appropriate for your very heavy waste.
  • At Budget Junk, we can collect as little or as much as you have. No amount of waste is too small, we simply work the collection into our daily rounds to keep costs as low as possible for us both.
  • Our teams are experienced and informed about the best way to separate, recycle and reuse items from your load. This is key in returning a discount back to you. For instance, if you have furniture that is in good condition with fire safety labels intact, we can load it, ensuring it is not damaged and donate it to one of our partner registered charities for less than we would charge for normal disposal.




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