Budget Junk waste collection header images
Budget Junk waste collection header images

Waste Transfer Regulations

Who can take my rubbish?


You must check that any carrier you instruct to remove you rubbish is authorised to do so by the Environment Agency.


Ensure that you ask to see a valid Environment Agency Waste Carrier's Licence, checking the date of expiration. By doing so, you have taken appropriate care to ensure your waste is responsibly and lawfully carried and disposed of, under the current government regulations for transferring waste.


If your waste is disposed of illegally, i.e where fly tipping or such occurs, you the waste producer could be fined for using waste carriers who are not authorised to carry and dispose of your waste.



Legislation I should be aware of...

For any further information about the law concerning waste transfer see Defra:



Explanation of Rubbish Clearance Terms


Controlled waste

"Controlled waste" means waste from households, commerce or industry. At present, the main kinds of waste that are not "controlled waste" are waste from agricultural premises, waste from mines and quarries, explosives and most radioactive waste. 


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