Budget Junk waste collection header images
Budget Junk waste collection header images

House clearance by Budget Junk

House clearances by Budget Junk


Entire house clearance and/or garage and shed clearance, can be a daunting prospect, especially if it's something you have never done before.


At Budget Junk our experienced teams know exactly what to do and the most efficient way of clearing your property because, well, it's what we've been doing for over 12 years.

We will work with you, to ensure that anything of centimental or other value to kept safe while the junk is removed fast and responsibly, i.e recycling and reusing your rubbish wherever possible.


We work quickly and methodically, usually starting from the loft and working our way down, thoroughly vacuuming or sweeping up as we go.


In our experience, there are many different circumstances for which the need for house clearances arise.


Whether you're de-cluttering, preparing to let your home, planning to relocate, or more sadly, a relative has passed away, our professional team can take the stress out of it for you.


Contact us today by phone oor email to discuss your rubbish clearance requirements.


Budget Junk are a licensed and comprehensively insured waste carrier company. We only use licensed controlled facilities and registered charities to reuse, recycle and dispose of your waste.


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